#146 Lucky Night

Floyd has got to stop digging himself deeper. It's getting warm here in Virginia, and my day job in HVAC is getting busy, But I am still plugging away. Thanks to everyone reading along!

4 thoughts on “#146 Lucky Night

  1. If appealing to his better side doesn’t work, offering a life of pain and suffering should do it.

  2. On another note…
    I’m feeling like just staying with the Comic Fury site for [i]Bruno Harm[/i] from now on. There’s a rating system and a much more flexible comment section. The only thing is the vertical format you’re using on CF. I like the page layout you’re using here. I’m sure you’re invested in this site, but I simply enjoy CF’s presentation more.

    1. I understand. Thanks for reading it wherever.

  3. And don’t forget to vote on TWC!

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